Together We will

Alter Everything

Apparel Inspired By The Relentless And Passionate Pursuit of Purpose.

The Company



  1. change or cause to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.

The X Factor

We want to wear clothes that help us live out the the things we are passionate about – reducing waste, protecting the environment, and fighting for labor rights and dignity. And instead of manipulating consumers to make impulse purchases that fuel excess, inspire choices that energize our purpose for the good of people and planet everywhere.


When people, communities and socially oriented organizations join together towards a common good, change happens. ALTER X uniquely aligns and supports this spirit of partnership through collaborations that purposefully impact people and planet.
Every shirt reps a cause for good we can all support.
Check out how we are changing the COLLABORATION GAME

The Shirt

From dirt to shirt, ALTER X Company makes apparel with People, Planet and Purpose in mind.