Do What We Can
With What We Have
Wherever We Are

Sustainable and Organic Clothing!

This is the heart of

ALTER X Company

Our slogan draws it’s inspiration from the belief that everyone, everywhere has the power and potential to make a difference.

We define this belief more simply as PURPOSE. Purpose is the inner fire that motivates people to create and be a part of change in the world for the betterment of both people and planet. 

1. DO WHAT WE CAN: People of transformed perspectives are led to action that influences change personally and for a greater good.


2. WITH WHAT WE HAVE: It is not what we lack, but understanding and seeing the value and potential of what each of us uniquely possesses and contributes to a common cause that matters most.


3. WHEREVER WE ARE: Every person, wherever they may be geographically, economically or socially is in a unique position to make an impact, great or small, near or far.

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